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Lets Hook Up

A Double Haiku

I am not a fish 
You can’t hook me for I am
The ocean HerSelf

Dive in or go home 
If you want to dip your toe
Go find a puddle

©The Bendy Witch

This double Haiku I’ve performed a couple times recently. It usually gets laughs, after the first line! 

I really do not like the expression, “Let’s hook up”. 

Who’s read The Celestine Prophecy?  If you have then you know what I mean! It was the first “Spiritual” book gifted to me many many years ago and it’s really about energy power plays. I’ve been generally shit at spotting them. I have the gate of Innocence in my human design, in the not Self this has played out as inherent naïvety and the propensity to become easily disheartened in Love. 

One of the most challenging things in our evolution is to look within at our own power plays. Whether passive or aggressive, own them we must if we are to live a life of Truth.

I confess to being “hooked” many a time throughout my life, until I started to see my own projections and decided I am not a fucking fish. I’m not willing to play that game anymore. 

All of us play our parts so we can help each other see more clearly where we are limiting ourSelves and outsourcing our Love. Projection of our ideals and someone’s potential is not reality. Astrologically Neptune has his way with us until we see (or become the sea 😆)!

Waiting for someone to change is to be on a hook. Set yourSelf free and explore what it’s like to be the ocean. You change first by shifting your perception. If your person really wants to change they’ll put down the rod and learn to swim in your depths until they realise they too are the ocean.

I’ve realised I’m not interested in or designed to be in super”fish”al relationships romantically or otherwise and that’s ok. I’ve realised I’m happier on my own rather than dangling on someones hook. 

Does that mean I want to be alone? No far from it. It does mean I will no longer compromise my mental health for a fantasy or the tasty bait of sweet promises. It means I’ve grown stronger in my sense of Self, my own self worth no longer dependent on being loved by another. 

This is what it means to be the ocean. To know you are the ocean of Love. To feel and let all your disappointments wash up on the shore. To keep coming back to your Self. To Love. 

I hope as a species we can evolve to be more open and honest in how we relate with each other. It will save a whole lot of heartache!

Blessing all that forget they are the Ocean of Love, Blessing all waiting for the fishermen/women to put down their rods and dive in!

Blessed Be. 

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1 thought on “Lets Hook Up”

  1. Hey Rachael, You absolutely articulate my befuddled mind with your writing! Wise words! Lots of loveCazz x

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