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What’s Going On…

This is a quick post to update you on what’s going on in The Bendy Witch universe. I’ve recently uploaded a few lovely pages, so this is an invitation to please check them out:

Blossom Online Yoga Studio

I’ve launched the Blossom Online Yoga Studio that I mentioned in a previous blog. Classes are live streamed through zoom. To find out more about classes and what the focus is in each class click here. Blossom Yoga is helping me grow as much as it is helping my students. I’ve had some lovely testimonials come in. To read them click here.

Creating Harmony From Within – Day Retreat

Kanti & I running a day retreat at The Granary in 2016

I have a Day Retreat at Whitespace Yoga Studio in Milton Keynes coming up 23/10/22 with my long time friend Kanti Freeman. Our theme is around the complementary energies of Yin and Yang as we are both energetically opposite and have had to learn to love and integrate “the other” through our friendship. It’s always fun when we get together! We’ll be exploring Yang and Ying Yoga, eyes closed meditation and walking Meditation, listening to silence and listening to sound. Kanti’s gong baths are legendary. There’ll be a delicious lunch too!

To book or to find out more about the day (or to find out which one of us is more Yin and which yang) click here.

About Me

Another page I added recently and you might want to check out is About Me, which I’ve written in rhyme! There’s an invitation at the bottom of the “About Me” page to get creative. One of the things I was taught in Success Intelligence Coaching with Dr Robert Holden was to encourage people to know themSelves beyond what they “do”. As an example of this we had to rewrite our business card tag lines to not include descriptions such as Yoga teacher, Therapist, etc.. Only words that describe the essence of who we are and what that brings to the world.

Please like, comment and share…

I’d love to know what your business card would say. If you fancy giving it go, leave your description in the comments.

Yin and Yang are two opposing yet complementing principles that when in balance create harmony.

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