Things Are Looking Up

Tarot/Oracle In Rhyme – Week Beginning 21/11/22 and Beyond

Look up, look up
Pegasus takes flight
Lifting your Heart
What was heavy now light

Beneath the rubble
Of broken dreams
When life turns out
To not be what it seems

You'll find below
Fertile ground
Where in the Stillness
Hope is found

As all above
The stars still shine
Know in your Heart
That all will be fine

And that's truly fine and dandy, not Feeling Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional, btw!

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Deeper Exploration:

Yes I know this card isn’t a Tarot card, however it’s all I had at hand when the inspiration struck! It’s a beautifully illustrated deck none the less, called Star Dragons Oracle Cards. I love this deck (not just because I love Dragons!) and will put a link to a very enthusiastic review of it below, which is why I bought them. If this particular card titled Healing: Restoring Hope were to be likened to a Tarot major arcana, I would say it’s not dissimilar to The Star card.

Numerologically this card is 18, which in the Tarot is The Moon, not the Star. Either way it’s about shedding light. Where the Moon tends to light up the unconscious, this card is lighting up the path ahead.

1 is creative energy and life force. 8 is power and abundance. 1 + 8 = 9. Wisdom.

It’s about using the light and awareness of Wisdom to carry you forward, leaving behind what’s no longer needed and turning any lessons learnt into star gates, portals to new healthier patterns and happier experiences.

Be ye therefore wise as Serpents and gentle as Doves

Matthew 10:16

This card shines light on troubling issues that may well be in your face. It invites a deeper understanding of why things haven’t worked out as you’d maybe hoped, this expanded vision making it easier to relinquish old burdens, old patterns, unhealthy and unfulfilling relationships, whilst Trusting that there is a good reason for it all in the realisation that it’s all part of the journey.

Cut the ties to all that has been pulling you down so healing can take place and your Spirit can again rise up. Soon you’ll feel lighter in load and free to choose again, to Love again, to live again with eyes wide open, seeing any challenges in the context of the bigger picture. Look up at the stars and let them inspire you.

The constellation on this card is Pegasus, the brightest star being Enif: Epsilon Pagasi. Enif is 3,895 times more luminous than the Sun and is one of the 58 stars selected for navigation. The name Enif comes from the Arabic word for “nose.” It refers to the star’s position in the constellation, marking the muzzle of Pegaus. So the card also invites you to pick your “Star”, clear your vision and set your sights unwaveringly upon it!

Now is not the time to doubt. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, do what you need to do to heal. Your enthusiasm will soon return and you will shine again. Also know you are being looked after with this card. The huge Dragon joyously has this Faery’s back. Spiritual support is at hand, even if you can’t see it.

Hope is not in the future. It’s the choice Now to believe that you can meet any challenges life brings your way. Yes sometimes it’s tough and it looks messy and yes you got this. Through our challenges we grow and become wise. That Wisdom becomes our guiding Star and with every challenge we overcome it becomes infinitely brighter.

And for all my fellow Dragon lovers and Tarot/Oracle card junkies, here’s the review of the Star Dragons Oracle cards by Paolo Barbieri…

I’m playing too, with finding songs that represent the essence of the readings. This is one of my favourite songs and it seems apt!

Please like, comment, share, and tell me what you think… What’s lighting your way right now?

If you’d like you’re own personal Tarot in Rhyme video reading to help light your way, please contact me.

Bright Blessings


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