The World Is Not Broken

The World is not broken
Our perception is
Humans are not a disease
Illusion is

Spirit is Eternal
Our bodies are not
Expectations are broken 
Our Hearts are not

The Earth is not evil
But our actions can be
The body is not sinful
But our choices can be

Nature is Abundant
Our beliefs may not be
Life is continually flowing
We may not be

Life is real
What we see isn’t
Time is a construct
This moment isn’t

Joy is Effulgent
Our Attitude may not be
Silence is immovable
Our attention may not be

Energy is moving
Our Awareness is not
Change is a constant
Like it or not

Life doesn’t need transcending
Illusion does
Our Soul doesn’t need healing 
Our perception does

Our Spirit is Bright
We may not reveal it
Wisdom is here
We may refuse to hear it

The World is not broken
Our perception is
Humans are not a disease
Illusion is…


This is quite an old poem, however I just realised it hasn't made it to the website and it feels important at this time to have a reminder. There is a recorded version on IGTV where I attempt to recite it for the first time with my drum for World poetry Day 😆. 
To view it click here.

Tenderness has been coming up a lot in my Blossom Yoga classes this week. Can you put one hand on your Heart and one hand on your belly, be with yourSelf and hold yourSelf in tenderness? Can you hold your vision of the World in tenderness beyond any judgements you may have about it right now? Maybe this is the first small step to healing our perception..

Please like, share, comment and let me know your thoughts...

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