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It’s Time To Fly

Come little fledgling
It's time to fly
Don't look down
Look up at the sky

On the precipice of life
With strength you now stand
Trust in your wings
Let go of my hand

Feel the butterflies
Swirling all around
Excitement that carries
You to fertile ground

Embrace new beginnings
Free from old fear
Leap into the unknown
Let life hold you my dear

Know you're supported
Trust in your Self
Let Spirit guide you
Experience true wealth.

©The Bendy Witch

This little poem has been percolating for a while and I always trust the timing of a poems release into the world. This time the poem came first and I chose the Tarot card to accompany it. 

The Fool is a card of innocence, of new ideas and new beginnings. Sometimes we can mistake excitement for anxiety, especially when we’re on the precipice of a big breakthrough. Utilise that energy to power you up, not burn you out.

Don’t listen to that nay-saying inner voice that will happily hold you back if you let it. That voice is of the past. You have grown. You are stronger and wiser. Step out into the world confidently and meet your emerging Self with innocence, remaining curious as to who this being, that is you, is evolving into and anticipating that the correct path for you will appear under your feet as you boldly step out into the world.

Sometimes you have to step off the cliff (the known) and embrace the unknown, trusting in your accumulated wealth (of experience) and the Wisdom within your Heart to carry you through.

If you’d like a Soul Tarot reading with a twist, (being that it’s not a traditional tarot reading, or more accurately, it’s not just a tarot reading) see below. Firstly I’d like to apologise…

My time blindness has been horrendous of late. I realise that I’ve not posted here for a few months. I’ve been setting up the foundations of my business and I hope to get back to more creative writing soon.

One of the projects I’ve been busy setting up is the Monday nights Meditation Cafe as part of The Silent Revolution. We started it a few weeks ago and it has been a great success. A couple of people have reported that Monday is now their favourite night of the week. I apologise for not letting you know about it here.

If you’re in need of some calm, want to learn a to Meditate (easily) and have a chat with some lovely people about Meditation over a cuppa after (latter optional), then you are most welcome to join us tonight on zoom (or most Mondays) at 7.30pm. Please sign up to my newsletter here for the registration link and to stay updated on current news and events.

Soul Tarot

Soul Tarot is really all about you, not so focused on outcomes but helping you to turn in, to get clear on what your Soul is trying to communicate to you and to reawaken your sense of purpose. I use the cards as keys to invite self enquiry and authenticity, so there’s an element of Authentic Success Coaching and I also use Energy Healing/Dragon Spells to clear what’s coming up in the moment.

I’m predominantly working with the Aura Soma Tarot (used in these pictures), which is not a traditional tarot deck. There are 116 cards! The artwork is beautiful. There’s Outward and Return Major Arcana plus 15 additional Archangel Cards which appeal to me as many years ago I was a practicing Angel Therapy Practitioner. I used to run a group called, ‘Angel Boot Camp”, taking groups on guided inner journeys to connect with the Archangels. This work is calling to me again.

You can book readings on Wednesdays and Thursdays, some evenings and some Saturdays, currently via zoom only due to my toilet situation in the boat (which should be resolved by the end of April).

I haven’t got a page up for readings yet on the website but if you’re feeling like you’ve lost your direction and can’t see clearly the way ahead, I’d love to hold up a lantern in the dark and help you find your way. The money exchange for these readings/healings is £55 for an hour or £33 concession, whether in person or online. For booking availability message me here.

Take Some Time Out

There’s a couple of spaces left for this coming Sunday’s Yoga retreat day at The OM Studio in Northampton. A light-hearted day to feel Abundant and free, that is very much in line with the last line of the poem, “Experience true wealth”. Wealth of Being, wealth of experience, wealth of Love, community and friendship. Let us not define our wealth simply by our possessions and bank balance but by the quality of our experiences. For full details click here.

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