(Warning, it’s a sweary one from the very first word! Don’t open or read if you’ll be offended!) F*ck off with your big fancy yacht I’m not interested in what you’ve got And to be honest I think it’s pretty w*nk You’ve got 7 million billion pounds sitting in the bank I’m not interested in… Continue reading FLAGS, FLAX, FODDER & FRIG


Ducks to Divinity – Don’t Shoot The Messenger

I had an interesting walk this morning. I noticed a guy standing by the river with a huge bag of breadcrumbs feeding the local birds. It was quite a spectacle. He was doing it with gusto…Pavarotti style! There were swans, ducks, geese, and gulls everywhere. I was aware of the urge to educate him that… Continue reading Ducks to Divinity – Don’t Shoot The Messenger