(Warning, it’s a sweary one from the very first word! Don’t open or read if you’ll be offended!)

F*ck off with your big fancy yacht
I’m not interested in what you’ve got
And to be honest I think it’s pretty w*nk
You’ve got 7 million billion pounds sitting in the bank
I’m not interested in growing a seven figure income
So you can turn my value into a sum
A statistic or spreadsheet equation
To then do me for tax evasion
Stop tampering with my f*cking food
I really think it’s very rude
To poison me with pesticides
My face cream laced with formaldehyde
Please, I beg you
Just give me some clean air
And a few well made
Nice clothes to wear
A little boat,
To float
Gently along the river of life
Away from all your mind made strife
Or a cabin in a Wildwood please
Making Love amongst the trees
A Silent place
To stargaze at night
And be in awe of Natures delight
With my Beloved shining Bright
Not just from Heart and eyes of light
But right here and Now by my side
As in each other we Trust and confide
And I’ll be richer than any figure
You can put down on paper

©️The Bendy Witch

This Poem was inspired by conversations on my last Shamanic training weekend about basic human needs and what we really need for Contentment.

Flags, Flax, Fodder and Frig is an old Saxon Blessing meaning, “May you always have a home to live in, clothing to wear, food to eat, and someone to love (and shag😂)”.

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