Spirit Imposter

I’ll come to you in guise of friend
But I may take your life in the end
If you don’t show me respect
Your life I will easily misdirect
Be aware, if you let me in
I’ll suppress your Spirit and put mine in
Slowly and insidiously
I’ll make you blind so you can’t see
That I am death, I am decay
I’ll make you think that I’m okay

I’ll take away your stress and strain
Abuse me and your Soul I’ll claim
I’ll steal your confidence and self-respect
I’ll dull your brain and intellect
You’ll crave my seductive flavour
Eventually make me your Saviour
And to those with eyes that see
You’ll vehemently defend me
Even recruit for me; your new Saviour
To justify your own behaviour

I’ll make you question all your morals
Lead you into strife and quarrels
Where once arose spontaneous Joy
Without me life you’ll not enjoy
I’ll become your reward at the end of the day
God help anyone who gets in the way
For I am selfish and I do not share
I’ll push away all those that care
I’ll take Love and turn it to neglect
Until others begin to lose respect
For you and your inability to see
That you have bound your will to me

I am a thief, there is no doubt
All your shadows, I will bring them out
I’ll steal your life and make it mine
Let you think you’re in control; that you’re fine
But like a puppet on a string
I’ll make you dance, I’ll make you sing
I’ll make you scream, I’ll make you shout
I’ll turn you into an obnoxious lout
Eventually you won’t appear to be there
Others will think that you don’t care
As you need me to celebrate and sleep
I am your shepherd, you are my sheep

As I strip away all you hold dear
Losing me fills you with fear
While all the time you are needing
On your internal organs I am feeding
And if your loved ones are still about
I’ve got a way to kick them out
As my essence seeps from your skin
The smell of death and decay begins
My pungent aroma fills your house
Repelling desire from your spouse

Your aches and pains, they are all me
As I fill you with toxicity
And even when you begin to see
The true nature that is really me
Your body I’ll slowly be shutting down
Your sorrows in me you’ll still drown
Helpless, alone and on your knees
As once again you’ll turn to me
Wherever you look, all you can see
Is social acceptability…

If only you could really see
That you are already free
How different your life would Be
If you knew yourself as Love.

©The Bendy Witch

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