Things To Remember

Forget me not

Find your Love at the start of the day
Then things will more likely go your way

Stop for a moment and let Love out
Let in all the Blessings already about

Pause, breathe, check your breath
A healthy flow wards off premature death

Close your eyes, take time to see
Your hearts desire manifest with glee

With clarity comes peace of mind
A sense that the world is loving and kind

Be grateful for the little things
Take time to hear your Spirit sing

When you stand align your feet
Lift your heart, with Courage meet

With Confidence greet your day
Choose your path, let Love lead the way

Find your rhythm and set your pace
Know you are always in the right place

Trust that any time you choose
A new direction becomes available to you

Believe in yourself, Be Love, Be you
And others will feel safe to be themselves too

If you’re not sure whose face you’re seeing
Ask yourself is this Love or fear speaking

Let Love be your form of protection
Trust it will heal frustration and rejection

If any fear you happen to swallow
Know there is no need to wallow

Have a good cry and maybe a shout
Sing, dance and shake it all out

Make time to play, make time to rest
If you always want to be at your best

Be the Love that you want to see
Then life becomes beautiful and easy

Value each day and every minute
But don’t try to cram too much in it

As you rest your head before you sleep
Give thanks for this days Blessings you’ve reaped

Forgiving all those asleep to Love’s presence
Allows you to live each day in reverence

It’s a lot to remember and you may well forget
As you get busy with work or the internet

But when you get tired and you’re feeling blue
Pick up this poem to remind you

That you are Love, Love is you
You can Be Love any time you choose

Blessed Be

© The Bendy Witch

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