The Pause

Be still…The pause is nearly here
It happens but just once a year
The Earth Mother completes her long exhale
Releasing all that’s old and stale
If you blink you’ll miss the space
A magical and Sacred place
Where past and future intertwine
Fear and Hope collide in time
Creating a cauldron of intention
That sets your inner compass’s direction
In this space be really clear
Of your heart’s wishes for the coming year
Be thankful for your lessons learned
Release all fear before the wheel is turned
Forgive the past, set yourself free
Embrace the future full of glee
As Father Sun reveals his face
She breathes in life, she is full of Grace
For in this place of in-between
Visions of the future she has seen
And as his will joins with her heart
A new pathway unfolds, a new journey starts

Winter Solstice Blessings to all
Blessed Be

© Raye – The Bendy Witch

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