Moving Into Stillness

With every stretch
From the sleep of self
The muddy waters
Of my mind
Begin to settle

A glimpse
Of inner Peace
Relief, calm
With each inhalation
With each exhalation
Moving deeper
Playing the edge
For the internal signal
To ease
Gently further
Into the stillness

Breathe, focus
Be dynamic
Without tension
Grounded in the Asana
While life force
My whole Being

Revitalising, recharging
It roams, unblocking
Blasting away
Blowing away
Cobwebs of past
To leave nothing but
Calm, Peace and Tranquility

Another Poem I found collecting dust! I wrote this when I first started Yoga probably 15 years ago. Yoga is a great practice of self awareness. Through Yoga and Meditation we begin to realise that we are not our mind, we are not our thoughts, and as we become more aware of the Peace and Stillness that naturally arises within, it naturally begins to permeate through our everyday lives.

©Raye – The Bendy Witch

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