Sleep my Darling
Rest your weary head
For the journey thus far
Has been full of unrest
And as you sleep
I will bathe you in my Love
And the Angels shall whisper
To you of your beauty

Gentle Soul
This world seems harsh
Like wading pointlessly
Through boggy marsh
Searching for solid ground
Whilst heart sinks
Under the weight
Of helpless circumstance

Remember Beloved
Awaken to your Soul
That is as vast as the Star
From which you came
A boundless ocean of Love
To cast your heavy stones
That will fade into insignificance
Barely making a ripple

But while you sleep
Rest safely in my Love
Nestle into its downy feathers
That tickles your heart to Joy
And as you awaken to
Your own inner radiance
You become like the sky
Untouched by the cloud

Randomly found a stash of hidden old poems! This one was written in 2008 so thought it was about time it got an airing. It didn’t have a title so I’ve named it Haven as I feel this embodies the essence of it.

May you all become like the sky untouched by the clouds and in doing so allow your inner radiance to shine. May your Love hold a sacred, healing space for those suffering.

Blessed Be

©Raye – The Bendy Witch

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