She Speaks

You and I
We are One
Never in any
Instant of time
Have we been

You are already
Resting in the
Body of Me
And even when
You cannot see
The BEaUty that flows
Through your Heart
Even when you
Feel split-apart
It is all just an

I hold You
Eternally in
Loving Embrace
Waiting for
You to remember
Through Grace the
Truth of your

We have
Walked this path
Many times before
Yet this is the
First time
And as you
Let go of you
To Become You
You will see that
I can never let you go
For you cannot exist
Without Me

It is you
Whom chooses
To hide behind
Veils of thought
And entangled belief
Believing they are you
And that to please Me
You have to “do”
That you are not
Worthy of My Love
Yet you are
My Love

Love is You
Always has been
Always will BE
Love is ALL
Around You
Within You
Every breath in this
Earthly life is
An expression of
My Love

You can choose
To live this life
As a blind beggar
Praying for redemption
In some future point
Of space and time
Or we can play the
Game of peek-a-boo
Where You see Me
And I see You
And in this moment
ALL is revealed
As everything
And nothing.

Evolution is
To know that your
Presence is infallible
Yet death is inevitable
Then maybe You
Will choose to
Embrace Life
Living each breath
As a Sacred offering
Of Praise and

Through You
I AM seen
And through you
I am denied
I AM everything
Yet I am nothing
I AM Love
You are Me
Be You

© Raye – The Bendy Witch

1 thought on “She Speaks”

  1. Even more awesome when you read it yourself. So much Love ❤ gorgeous. She certainly does speak………at last LOL

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