Poetry, Thoughts

God and Cheese

I think we
Can all agree
That when it comes to cheese
Whether we know it as Fromage
Kase, Queso or Serr
It’s still cheese
No debating there

But when it
Comes to God
It’s a very different story
Each name of God representing
A different kind of Glory
As man fights over
Gods true name
It seems to me
A bit insane

For cheese is cheese
And God is God
Whether you call him
Shiva, Vishnu, Alla,
Or her Goddess Sophia,
Source or Universal Love
God really doesn’t care
He doesn’t give a sod
Because at the end of
The day God is
Still God

Why is it
So hard to see
That religion and Spirituality
Are just like different
Types of cheese and
Whether you like Roquefort,
Cheddar or Camembert
It really doesn’t matter
And God really
Doesn’t care

God knows who
She is and doesn’t
Need anyones approval
It’s your wrappers and labels
That need the removal
Then you can just enjoy your cheese
And if you’re a vegan,
Yes I know, it’s
Called “Sheeze”

Your Saviour
Will come when
You drop the “i”
Savour each moment
And realise that God is not a book
Written through one mans eyes
But is present Now any time you
Choose to see with Love
That is the essence
Of You

So please
I beg you to stop
Rubbing your cheese in my face
Eat it and enjoy it for goodness sake
I don’t like Stilton or its pong
But a nice strong cheddar (with pickle)
Makes my heart sing a song
So you enjoy your cheese
And I’ll enjoy mine
And if you really
Don’t like cheese
That too is
Just fine

©The Bendy Witch

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