White Rabbit

Grumble grumble
When I think of you
I take a tumble
Head first down
The rabbit hole
Blinded like a
Bat or mole
As I drink
Your actions nectar
Down I shrink
Away from spectre
I have the key
To open the door
On little “me”

White Rabbit’s running
Round and round
Anxious time will
Not be found
I grab him by
His fluffy tail
He struggles with
A fearful wail
“Stop” I say
His face a mock
As we scrabble over
His little clock
He looks at me
With much disdain
“I can’t find time”
He loudly proclaims

I take his clock
And show him how
“White Rabbit remember…
Set your little clock to NOW”

© Raye – The Bendy Witch

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