Silent Still Space

Without Silence
There is no sound
Without Stillness
There is no movement
Without Space
There is no form…

Silent Still Space is
The body of Grace
When all judgement ceases
There are no longer pieces
Only Peace remains…

Grace is
Your Holy Spirit
The Light that is
Your right to claim
And you can read
1000 books yet never see
Beyond the page…

Knowledge itself
Is not Wisdom
To know is Still
An empty cup
That’s full of Love
To overflowing
The Eternal font
From which we sup…

They say She is coming
Yet She is already here
The One that lives
Inside your Heart
The One waiting
To BE revealed
In the Heart of
The Silence…

And the Wise
Have learnt to
Wholeheartedly leap
From Loves edge
Into their fullness…

Into the Silence
Beyond sound
Into the Stillness
Beyond movement
Into the Space
Beyond form…

Into that
Which we already are…

Into that
Which we will always Be…

© The Bendy Witch

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