Can you sit with me in the Silence

With no need for empty words.

Can you speak to me

Through your eyes

With your Heart

From your Soul.

Will you BE

For me

So We




Beyond all the

Bullshit, the conditioning

And perceived pain of the past.

Will you find the Courage to Reveal

Your original face, as we rest together

In the deepest darkest caverns

Of our beating Hearts where

Contentment lives and

The Silent voice

Sings our Joy

Into Being.

Can you


My hand

With tenderness

And without agenda

Dancing with me in the

Spirit Of Grace, not needing

To know where we are going but

Simply allowing the steps to unfold.

Can we together, with playful curiosity

Once again Reclaim our

BEaUty and lost


©️The Bendy Witch

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