Consumer God

Warning – Contains a couple of swear words. Do not read if they offend you.

What happens to all the shiny stuff?
Where the f*ck does it all go?
Every season there’s a turn around
Of more stuff to put on show

What happens to all the clothes
That no-one wants to buy?
I wonder where they end up
It all makes me want to cry

What happens to all the food
That’s not sold at the end of a day?
Does it go to those in need
Or in the dumpster to decay?

What happened to our value?
How long ago did we stop caring?
About our Beautiful planet
And the effects that we are having

What happens now I wonder
To the fate of this here Earth?
Isn’t it time to be more Present?
Allow some Wisdom to rebirth?

I know it all sounds very easy
To make more Organic choices
But the hypnotic box controls us
Whilst the Consumer God rejoices

Everyday we’re being programmed
To think we have choice
But are we really choosing actions
That reflect our true inner voice?

Daily do we even realise
That we are being manipulated?
It’s a perfect Master plan
That the Consumer God created

Everyday we’re being distracted
In pursuit of more comfort and ease
But have you not yet noticed
Consumer God is never appeased?

He can never let us be happy
As he seeks World domination
Because he is mind created
And feeds off our exasperation

He has no Heart or feeling
Just a never-ending hole
He’ll do anything he can
To stop us living from our SOUL

For our SOUL is naturally Joyful
And Natures song it sings
It doesn’t really care for all the
Shiny gadgets and plastic things

It cares about our planet
And how we treat each other
It creates with Love in mind
And with the care of Divine Mother

But when Love is not Present
That’s when he takes control
He pretends that he knows best
To his advice we must enrol

Our SOUL is never broken
Though our Heart may feel split apart
Within it lies the Wisdom
To make a brand new start

So I pray you’ll take a moment
With hand on Heart each day
Tune into your SOUL’s Wisdom
And listen to what it has to say

Because our planet’s future rests
In the choices we make Now
Not next month or next year
Or when we finally get around

And please don’t worry too much
About what anyone else is doing
Consumer God has all angles covered
And gains power while we’re stewing

He’ll pit us against each other
Another distraction, can’t you see?
Be an example of integrity
And others will follow naturally

Find your Wisdom in the Silence
Beyond programs, judgements, chatter
She’ll guide you gently back
So you can choose what really matters

Consumer God has us addicted
He spins a mighty and tall tale
He feeds off our unworthiness
Just so he can get a sale

He has us chasing our own tails
Makes us believe that we are needy
Creates us in his own image
And like him we become greedy

And when we realise and feel
The pain of our perceived “sin”
Consumer God, he’s got it covered
Who do you think created Gin?

He’s infiltrated our Spirituality
With most religions doing his bidding
While we’re searching for transcendence
Beneath our nose he does his killing

His strategy is simple
Distract, Divide, Desensitise
He thrives on the words, “I don’t care”
For they are not words of the Wise

Wisdom takes a little practice
So Compassion is required
Please keep re-setting your intention
Until you become unwired

Because the Earth needs us to See
And once again enjoy her Beauty
If this Earth is to be saved
Appreciation of her is our duty

We don’t have to stop creating
Or enjoying some nice things
But please can we create
Upon the Love of Wisdom’s wings

And take a look at our creations
Make sure they’re not convoluted
That Love is guiding our vision
And in Unity they’re rooted

Yes Unity, it does include
This very special Earth creation
Don’t buy into Consumer God’s lies
That this world is an abomination

Have a good look around you
At Natures grand design
Re-Awaken to the Magick
Remember you are part of the Divine

We never really separated
That only happens in our mind
It’s a journey of no distance
To get our Heart aligned

So next time you’re out shopping
Perusing products all a glow
Maybe take a moment to stop
And wonder for just for a mo’…

What happens to all this stuff?
And where the f*ck does it all go?

© The Bendy Witch

2 thoughts on “Consumer God”

  1. Yes, that was a bloody good one Rachael…… worth missing networking cake and coffee 😂

    1. Haha! Thank you Sue… Ahh well it wasn’t that one I missed cake and coffee for… That one is called Woman. The First. And she is yet to be revealed 😜😂 Glad you like Consumer God though 🙏🏼xx

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