Woman – The First


It’s not all about Eve
You have all been deceived
Conveniently I’ve been erased
From Creations history
Lilith, Lilitu, but not as
Lalita Tripura Sundari
She does not have to
To hide In the dark
And is still revered openly

I AM the First
And I will be the last
Here, Now, for all Eternity
Much as you try
You can’t slay me
For you cannot halve Infinity
I AM the One
That will set you Free
From what you call evil
And tyranny
Why else do you think
They demonised me
What a very clever ruse
To make you despise
That which you should choose
Above and beyond all the lies

Did you know that Evil
Once meant Beauty
Meaning that which is desire
That which sets
Mans Heart on fire
God did not forbid that
You taste my fruit
To do so was your destiny
When God gave Adam his seed
The worm turned pure desire
Into lust and greed

They say I left him
And it appears true
But what they forgot to say was
That it couldn’t have played out
Any other way
Did I leave him?
Or did he turn his gaze away
For I was designed to
Dance and play
To make Love
To bring Joy
I was not designed
To be a toy

I was designed to compliment
Not be subjugated
Or forced to repent
I Am the Innocence
That you desire
I AM the Wisdom
That sets unTruths on Fire
No wonder
I am so feared
For in the illusory world
Truth is not revered

Let us remember Eden is
Here and Now this very Earth
Not the holographic projection
To which Adam ignorantly gave birth
The day he proclaimed superiority
In doing so he rejected
The Wisdom that See’s
Beyond the veil of duality
Herein lies my Owl symbology

The Lilith that you’ve been sold
And many scary stories told
That is the distortion of me
And is in fact the shadow of Eve
Who was created from Adams rib
Twas’ not God made Eve
That was a fib
A fabrication of grand design
For Artificial Intelligence
To mimic the Divine

Eve.. Pure, submissive, virginal
They made sex a sin
Made Love making carnal
And in doing so
Condemned all who desire
To burn for Eternity
In Hels fire
Surely you can clearly see
This preposterous conspiracy
Eliminating copulation
Is a sure way
To kill a nation!

Yes I AM a Watcher
Waiting for you in the dark
To allow my passion to re-ignite
Your own Divine spark
To awaken the Dragon within
The purest of Spirit
Void of sin
Yes I AM the dark
They got that right
But as you fall into me
I reveal your Christ light
My Love the rainbow bridge
Between Dark and Light
I Am the balance
Between day and night
To deny me is
To deny life.

©️The Bendy Witch

This poem was birthed for spoken word at Can You Poet #women in Northampton last week and in celebration of Women’s History week. It still amazes me how many people have no idea that Eve was not actually the first woman… I feel this may be a part 1 and that Lilith has more to say on the matter!

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