You Ain’t No Man

Warning: This poem has sensitive content and a few swear words. It came in response to my own personal experiences of groping and sexual assaults and as a result of a conversation with a friend regarding #metoo …

Poetry always helps me to get things in perspective. It’s easy to feel a victim in these situations but if this has happened to you too, you must know you did nothing wrong. There’s nothing wrong with you. You absolutely didn’t ask for it. If you are having trouble moving on, go get some therapy so you are free to live your life again. You may find help here: https://rapecrisis.org.uk/get-help//

The poem was written from the perspective of a woman being assaulted by a man because that was my personal experience. This is in no way an attack on Men. I love Men. Real Men. And I’m well aware that Men experience this kind of abuse too. This poem really describes anyone of any race or gender that abuses their power sexually or otherwise…

With your wandering eyes
And groping hands

You ain’t no Man…

Minding my own business
If you please..

Not today or any day
Don’t subject me to your sleaze

Your fucking dirty fingers
out of my crutch

Polluting me with your
Sickening touch

Dare you think you can enter
The most Sacred part of me

My warmth and tenderness
Just because you like what you see

No…You ain’t no Man

A real Man doesn’t take
Just because he can

A real man has honour and respect
He supports and encourages
Doesn’t judge, jibe, goad and neglect

Fuck Off I said..
Did you not hear
You have no rights of entry here

Don’t be all
“I’m sorry luv, I thought you were up for it”

Cos’ I’m wearing a skirt
And because I smile a bit?

You ain’t no Man..

You who forces…
You who takes…
You who rapes…

You ain’t no Man…

Because real Men don’t take
Just because they can.


©The Bendy Witch

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