Sing Your Heart Song

Tarot in rhyme for week beginning 25/1/21..

In the practice of writing more consistently and because I love how these come out, I shall endeavour to post one every Monday as some inspiration for the coming week.

Who knows, maybe I’ll even start offering personal readings in rhyme.

This one was inspired by the cards King of Spring, 8 of Autumn and 2 of Winter, randomly pulled from Radleigh Valentines The Fairy Tarot deck.

The king of Spring
He says it’s time
To do your thing
Be in your prime
With Wisdom see
His crown alight
With Clarity
You will shine bright
His throne adorned
With golden lion
New courage born
To take fresh action…
Could be time
To teach.. and learn
Could be time
For reputation earned
Skilled workmanship
Is not in question
Could mean a trip
In a new direction
There is no doubt
How far you’ve come
So cast doubt out
Let abundance come…
The boy here
Is stuck in two minds
Torn between fear
And what his Heart finds
Don’t let the past
Get in the way
Let confidence blast
You to brighter days
Learn to Trust
Your Intuition’s art
For the choice it must
Reflect the song inside your Heart

©️The Bendy Witch

Authors note: the “trip” may well be in the mind 😉.. Also just cos’ we are good at something doesn’t always mean our Heart is in it. Some of us are multi talented and multi passionate. Don’t let others opinions of how things should be done limit your potential.

The Fairy Tarot – by Radleigh Valentine

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