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You Have The Power

Tarot in rhyme for week 1/2/21 and beyond.

Ooops.. I forgot to upload this last week but the poem may still hold some Wisdom for you Now 😉
 The Hermit appears 
 Staff shining bright
 Set aside all fears
 For your inner light 
 Find David’s star
 Dive deep within
 It’s near not far 
 Close eyes to begin
 Take a sweet moment 
 Each and every day
 To be innocent
 Then you’ll find your way
 Magician reminds you
 Of your power to choose
 If you’re feeling blue
 You can’t really lose 
 He says your reality
 Is within your own grasp
 Hand holds infinity
 So open you clasp
 Red flowers of blood
 White flowers of Spirit 
 Manifest your good 
 You’ve one life so live it
 Our young Fae she brings
 Some fun to the table 
 Her big Heart it sings 
 And her Joy does enable
 The fulfilment of tasks
 Of which she’s juggling many
 It seems a big ask
 As she tries to earn a penny
 She says don’t get too serious
 Balance work with play
 Or worries make you delirious
 Don’t let them ruin your day

©The Bendy Witch

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Authors note: Slightly different lay out this week. The middle card (The Hermit) is the energy of the week. The card to left (The Magician) represents our Masculine/doing energy and the card on the right (2 of Autumn) is our Feminine/Being energy. 
 I get from this spread a sense that it’s so important to turn within right now. There’s an old Zen saying that states, “You should sit in Meditation for 20 mins a day unless you’re too busy, then you should sit for an hour”. 

On Meditation:
Seeing as it's come up in the spread... If you don’t know how to Meditate yet, and you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed, just stop for a few minutes and try these 7 steps: 

1) Sit upright.
2) Put a hand on your heart and a hand below your navel. 
3) Take some slow deep breaths. 
4) Let your attention rest on the breath. 
5) If your attention drifts to thoughts, when you notice, simply move it back to the rest on breath. 
6) Thoughts are ok. You can practice watching them. 
7) When you notice you are thinking, gently redirect your attention to rest again on the breath. 

That’s the very basics. It’s a good place to start. 
If you’d like to learn more about Meditation with a qualified teacher (I used to be a Monk!), so you can confidently start your own personal daily practice, please contact me to find out more or book a one to one or group zoom lesson. 
The Fairy Tarot – Radleigh Valentine

2 thoughts on “You Have The Power”

  1. Thank you Raye and elemental realms for your wondrous encouraging insight and upliftment! ♡

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