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Connect With Your Loved Ones

Tarot in Rhyme for week 08/02/21 and beyond  - Stay connected to your loved ones the best you can and be kind to yourSelf. (Warning, little swarey rant in the authors note!😬) 

 Family may be 
 On your mind
 A desire to share
 To be loving and kind
 Create precious moments
 You can always treasure
 Experiences that no
 Time can measure
 A longing for the
 Most beautiful life
 Healthy relationships
 Free from strife
 A complex decision
 Needs to be made
 Will you follow the letter
 And your feelings trade
 Or will you Trust your Self
 To do the right thing
 For you and your family’s
 Mental health and wellbeing
 It may be necessary
 To compromise
 Just for Now at least
 Til’ there’s clearer skies
 So set aside
 Your concerns for Now
 Let Now be okay
 Don’t stress about how
 Take some time out
 To settle your mind
 Rest and recuperate
 To yourSelf be Kind
 Learn to close your eyes
 And Meditate
 Lest pent up emotions
 Fester to hate

 ©The Bendy Witch

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Authors Note: A different layout this week .. I like to call this one stepping stones. The 1st card - 10 of Summer is where you are standing and what’s in the forefront of your mind. The 2nd card - 2 of Winter (he’s about a lot at the mo!) is the next step, or action you need to take. The 3rd card - 4 of Winter is where you’ll likely end up. 

Hmm.. I wonder what this reading could be referring to! Think everyones pretty much f*cked off with the not being “allowed” to see relatives, although they say absence makes the Heart grow fonder! You gotta do what you gotta do peoples for your mental as well as your physical health. Trust what makes sense, be sensible and own your choices. One thing this whole chapter has made blatantly clear is that, despite the preceding few years of #mentalhealthawareness, the powers that be really don’t give a f*ck about peoples mental health. Lip service if you ask me. Rant over.

Heart Centred Meditation Tip:

If your minds getting the better of you and stirring up emotions, please do give Meditation a go or find other healthy ways to discharge pent up energy and frustration. Try this for when emotions get the better of you:

  • Sit down, close your eyes and be quiet. I was gonna say shut up haha.. oh look I said it. 
  • Place your hand on your Heart.
  • Listen to and feel your heartbeat. 
  • When your mind drifts (which it will do naturally) and you notice you’ve drifted, simply move your attention back to your Heart and listen. 
  • Simples…Keep it simple.
  • Do for as little or as long as you like. 

The more you do it the better you feel and you can also do it eyes open, standing up, on the loo or any time you feel anxious. Hand on Heart, keep that connection to you. Try your best to keep your mind where your body is. I will aim to share a longer version (…and maybe) do a little video later this week. This is how I always start my day. Hand on Heart.

P.S. These readings are all from cards randomly chosen and if you stumble across this outside of the week it was written for, it still may carry a message for you, divine timing and all that😉

The Fairy Tarot – Radleigh Valentine

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