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Out with the old, In with the New

Tarot In Rhyme Wk 19/04/21 and Beyond - Out with the old, In with the New

Money and finances
May be on your mind
Through new work
Joy you will find
Time to make a plan
A long term goal
For Abundance that
Will feed your Soul
This Faery sits
On great potential
A positive outlook
Is essential

The Beltain Fire
Doth draw near
Within it place
All of your fear
All of your worry
All of your strife
You may feel trapped
Break through, live Life
Beware of attachments
To material possessions
Set yourSelf free from
Habitual addictions

Two cards together show
Two sides of a coin
Time for fun and friends
With your community join
Enjoy the Now… And
Keep your wits
Behind is the tower
That may fall to bits
Spiritual Awakening
A Truth revealed
Amongst all the Joy
Keep your eyes peeled..

©The Bendy Witch

Authors Note: Card One (Ace of Autumn) represents what’s in the forefront of the mind, card 2 (15 Ego) represents what may trip us up, cards 3 & 4 came out together (3 of summer on top, 16 Life Experience) represent hopes/potentials and likely outcomes.

A Deeper Exploration:

Ace Of Autumn

Aces are generally promising in a reading, they herald new beginnings, new opportunities, in this pack it is a particularly good omen and suggests that the support you need is available, if you can get past card 2 to see it! It likely represents the return to work for many. Depending on whether your work fulfils your Soul, depends on whether this is a good thing or not!

As the rhyme suggests, this may be a good opportunity to find more Joy in your work, or find work that gives you more Joy. If you have been considering a career change towards a more fulfilling career than the one you are in, or were in before lockdowns, then this is a sign to plan for that and to keep an eye out for people that can help you initiate your plans and projects or put you in touch with people in whatever arena it is that you want to explore.

15 Ego

Ego in traditional Tarot is The Devil card. And it is in the trap/trip position, softened a little by the cards either side of it. The ego is made up of our conditioned, habitual responses and our judgements and our beliefs of ourselves and others. In relation to card 1, we may have worries about money, we may not believe we are clever enough or competent enough to go for a career change. We may be hankering after material possessions which we really don’t need and that distract us from the beauty around us.

At Beltain (May 2nd), Pagan folks of many traditions ritually burn up the old to make space for the new. Write what it is you want to release and give it to the fire. It is tradition to jump the Beltain fire, with the intention of leaving the old, including our unhelpful habits, behind!

This card also asks us to look at our addictions, whether it be shopping, food, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, fitness, netflix, social media! Anything we are doing unconsciously to feed the Ego is up for review. Having been literally trapped in our houses, I feel this card warns us against rushing headlong back into consumerism and hedonism. Do these things really bring us the connection we seek?

Three of Summer

This card perfectly represents the enjoyment of friends and family celebrating life and having fun! It’s about living life to the full, meaning full of Presence. As the world opens up again, remember to tell and show, those you care about how much you care. Hopefully, this enforced time of isolation has helped us to see what is really important. Enjoy the Now and be Present to it.

Remember our previous card… Do you those addictions and attachments enhance or destroy your Blessed connections? Do not lose sight of what is really important to you and in all the excitement, do not lose sight generally… which leads us on to the next card…

16 Life Experience

Life Experience in traditional Tarot is the The Tower. This card came out together with and behind the previous one. I feel here it is important to keep ones wits. To keep an eye on what might be happening whilst our attentions are turned towards our family reunions and away from world affairs.

This card symbolises a Spiritual Awakening. The revealing of Truths. The releasing of old belief systems, sometimes the complete destruction of a system or institution in order for a new, hopefully more healthier one, to take its place.

Do we want society to be based on card 2, those things that feed the the Ego and keep us focused on a sense of incompleteness, or card 3, those things that feed our Soul, which is connection, community and Unity? …

This last year, unless you are made of stone, will have brought up many of your worst fears. Life experience is about seeing beyond your fears. It’s circumstances that test us but make us stronger!It’s about having Faith that whatever storms come, we can take the lessons and the rubble from our endings and transform them into the foundations for new beginnings and wonderful opportunities… And there we are full circle… back to Card 1 😉

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A little note on what I’ve been up to:

Apologies I’ve not posted one of these since I got back to Lily Pearl! I’ve been settling back into boat life and I’ve been working on my other website It’s not quite finished yet as I’m still working out what I can offer, but it’s functional! I have some free offerings on there if you’d like to check it out.

This website is more poems, personal blogs and tarot rhymes. I have quite a lot of poems to add at some point! I will try not to bombard you with them all in one day. The other blog will be more practical how to’s, Yoga, Meditation and Magick support and what’s on offer if you’d like to do yoga, learn to meditate, have some coaching with me or buy a Magickal charm bracelet.

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Blessing you in your wonderful new opportunities, your fun times with family and friends and your freedom from that which limits and bind you.

Blessed Be


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