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Trigger warning. This poem is about Death.. and Murder.. It is also a Prayer and a Blessing to one whose life was taken abruptly.. In light of recent highlighting of systematic violence towards women, it feels time for this poem Butterfly to be set free.

Now in the sky
Colours bright
Warm fire light
You shone for us
Without a fuss
Your Love pure
Full of allure
Moth to flame
Full of blame
End of game
Life’s not the same

Your body claimed
With anger maimed
But not your Soul
Gentle as foal
Strong as Ox
Boy, you took some knocks
And we must feel our rage
Then turn the page
Lest his wildfire
Burn us all on pyre 
Play his game
Become the same

I hope you now know
How much we loved you so
We’ll grieve and cry
Ask “why oh why?”
But now it’s time to go
As Souls journey flows
From life to death 
We become One breath
In Heaven no fear
Presence always near
Life appears finished
Presence never diminished

Although we’re blue
Our Love for you
Will last forever
Forget you? Never 
Your beautiful smiles
Got us through trials
Ability to care 
Always there
With a kind word
Pointing out the absurd 
We’re woven in time
A tapestry sublime

Remember you have wings
Go, make Heaven sing
Don’t be like him
Who’s light is dim
Light the sky
From Heaven high
For Angels await 
At Golden Gates
Rest in their arms
Away from harm
You gave your best 
Now, go home and rest
©The Bendy Witch
Ritual Peace Candle from Starchild Glastonbury

Authors note: This is for those who have lost a loved one to domestic violence and for the Beloved Souls whose life is ended through violent means. May this offer some support to those in this world and those struggling to rest in Peace on the other side.
Part of Shamanic practice is honouring the ancestors, helping the deceased transition Peacefully and guiding lost Souls back home.
The candle pictured was burned with intention that the flame be a guide, a lantern through the underworld for one who’s life was taken before her time. Do not underestimate the power of Prayer and help of Spirit in bringing about Justice. Little rituals can help us with grieving. They can also be a conduit to support others who are struggling to grieve.
I firmly believe death is a doorway and not the end. This does not in any way negate the preciousness of life. Life is not something to be flippant about. Life is to be appreciated. Stop violence against women. Stop hurting each other. Stop violence full stop.

🙏🏼 If you you can relate or this poem or it touched you in any way, please like, share and comment. Your support is much appreciated.🙏🏼

2 thoughts on “Butterfly”

  1. Hey Rach, Can I ask you a techi question. Did you use an app to put the poem up on Instagram?

    Kind regards

    Bal Chhokar +44 7946 335051


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