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Be My Bee

I wanna be your flower So you can be my honey bee Your Love is like the sunshine Inviting my Beauty Your words they feed my soil The nourishment I need To Ascend into my fullness As Love sprouts from tiny seed I turn my face towards the light Roots anchored by your Love I… Continue reading Be My Bee


Reclaiming The Power of Gentleness

This is another one of those re-posts I warned you about to get the website up to speed, but it seems very apt this week, not just for me personally (as I have been having Somatic therapy to try and rebuild some resilience back into my nervous system!) but those sharing with me. Interestingly it's… Continue reading Reclaiming The Power of Gentleness



Sleep my Darling Rest your weary head For the journey thus far Has been full of unrest And as you sleep I will bathe you in my Love And the Angels shall whisper To you of your beauty Gentle Soul This world seems harsh Like wading pointlessly Through boggy marsh Searching for solid ground Whilst… Continue reading Haven