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Be My Bee

I wanna be your flower
So you can be my honey bee
Your Love is like the sunshine
Inviting my Beauty

Your words they feed my soil
The nourishment I need
To Ascend into my fullness
As Love sprouts from tiny seed

I turn my face towards the light
Roots anchored by your Love
I rise in ease and Splendour
As Peaceful as a dove

In your Love there is no question
No need to ponder why
Trusting in the journey 
As I reach up for the sky

The morning dew it glistens
Like the Presence in your eyes
Rains they come, rains they go
Revealing clear blue sky

My bud begins to blossom
I exhale a Blissful sigh
Fragrant scent releasing
Enticing you to fly

Across the land and waters deep to
Emerald fields of green
To revel in the Beauty of
A Love revealed and seen

Come sup my Sacred nectar
Set my filaments a quiver
Fill your pollen basket with my Love
Both taker and both giver

Bees and flowers live
In symbiotic Harmony
Love lasting through the ages
That maintains Humanity

I wanna be your flower
So you can be my honey bee
Let us come together
In this dance of Ecstasy 

© The Bendy Witch

Inspired by a Beloved in a far away land as Love appeared to be blossoming. Another tale of my "right angle cross of the unexpected"! I have a special interest in Human Design for those new here. It's helped me personally navigate some of the more interesting aspects of my Being and this cross is renowned for making life interesting indeed. The Bee never made it across the waters. I am Grateful though for the opportunity to have expressed a long held Love.

To see a fully visual version of Be My Bee, find it on my Instagram account @thebendywitch and follow along with the "Duckie Dilemma". I have a nest appeared in my herb box on the back of my boat that now has 12 eggs in it!

Some News: After being forever encouraged and threatening to do it for years, I've finally set up a You Tube channel. Nothing on it yet, but it's a start. Just need to.. erm.. record some videos.. hopefully without lot's of erms and so's and yeahs, lol! This poem will likely be the first.. or may be the last one, Come To Me, which was basically the call for my Beloved (who has been showing up in my cards for a while) to reveal himSelf! 

If you've followed me for a while or know me personally, you will know of my extreme self consciousness with recording videos. There's are a few on IGTV so I have been tentatively extending tendrils into the world of video. Time to get uncomfortable again and burst out of the seed. In case you want to subscribe, hopefully in excited anticipation, here's the channel link:

On another note... SAVE THE BEES
If you enjoyed this poem or it moved you in some way, please take a moment to press "like", to comment and to share. Your support and encouragement are much Appreciated.

Blessed Be 

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