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I See You

I see You
But you don’t want to be seen
You don’t want to fight your demons today
Only to nestle, quite contently
In the belly of ignorance
Wishing it will all go away
Hoping things will just change

I see You
Your anguish overwhelms my senses
I feel the heaviness of your aching heart
As if it were my own
You long to be loved
To be seen
Yet you hide behind
A hollow mask of smiles
Wearing your “fine” robes
Playing a role for which you were not cast

I see You
You know you’ve been rumbled
I smell your fear of judgement and retribution
In my eyes will you see an Angel or the devil
For I will be of your own choosing
Will you allow the tears
That flow from the river of Truth
To bust the damn of indignation
That is painted with lies
Postulated by fear
Or will you flee

I see You
I see Love
Your labels brand me a liar
I used to think it was me
Something I’d said or done
Endlessly contemplating the why?
Until I became you
Hiding my eyes in fear of rejection
Pretending I was blind

“I see You”
Grace whispered gently in my ear
“Don’t worry my dear
You have my eyes…
As the world flows through
The body of your Being
Let my gaze Be the anchor
That steadies your vision
In the ocean full of waves of Love”

I see You
I am here to be seen
You are Love
You are another Me

This poem was inspired by a practice I learnt with Robert Holden on his 5 day Coaching Success training. Every morning, before we embarked on our journey of learning, we would walk around the room until we found a partner.

We had to look deeply into each others eyes and one person would say, “I see You” whilst the other replied, “I am here to be seen”, then the other would say, “I see You” which again was met with, “I am here to be seen”, then we would find another partner.

I cannot tell you how profound this practice is. The first day most were a little uncomfortable allowing total strangers to look into ones Soul! All agreed, as the week progressed and we began to identify more with our big “I”, there became no reason to hide ourselves and many people ended up also sharing hugs as well as kind words.

I remember from a very early age being able to sense feelings that could not be “seen” by my eyes alone and that my gaze seemed to somehow bring others emotions to the surface, which was not always well received. If they were not willing to release them, often they would move through me, which wasn’t always comfortable, I might add. Often I’d be asked, “Why are you crying?”, and I honestly had absolutely no idea.

As a child I didn’t understand what I was feeling or how to process all the information that I was sensing. Everything seemed to move me so deeply, so for a very long time I hid my eyes and I became afraid to look.

Learning to look up again has not been an easy task and at times has been rather painful. However, as I learn to look with eyes of Love not fear, as I learn to see past the labels, past the fear, past the masks we all wear, to really See other Souls are in essence made of Love (as Robert points out in Shift Happens, we are not born needing therapy!), and as I practice Seeing with Love, oppose to looking for it, life and relationships become easier.

If someone in your life is refusing to See or be Seen, Bless them in their eyes of Love. We cannot force anyone else to See, for it is a choice only we can make in any given moment.

The featured image is Isis and Osiris by artist Susan Seddon Boulet.

© The Bendy Witch

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