Be Like A Seed

When you are feeling empty and in the dark, know that you are like a seed buried deep in the earth, waiting for some nourishment to awaken you into Being.

The great Blessing of Being human is that if the rain fails to fall, if no one is around with a watering can, we have the ability to nourish ourselves with the well-spring of Love that resides within.

Sometimes, when the rain comes, we feel God is personally peeing on us as we suppress the feelings that when acknowledged and released through our tears, water our heart and allow us to grow stronger.

Imagine now, for a moment, if all seeds said, “No! I can’t possibly push through all that earth. There’s tarmac up there. How do you expect me to push through that? The weather might be shit…it might be raining and I might get soaked or even drown…A human might squish me or a dog pee on me….Ewwww, that would be just awful! I think I’ll stay here in the dark, just in case.”

How sad…how barren…how colourless the world would be…if seeds had minds like humans not Being.

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