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Shine Again!

Just a note to all you lovely people that are subscribed to my blog. I had some technical difficulties transferring content when I changed platform, so having to manually add some old poems and blogs! Who knows maybe they’ll remind you and me as I repost them, of forgotten Truths! ☺️

Please bear with me while I get the site up to date. Your patience is much appreciated.

Those viewing on WordPress reader, this will all be new content for you.

I’ve been travelling for a while and moving at a slower pace now so firing up the blog again and will be adding new regular content. Currently still not in a position to offer any services but that may change in the next few months as I begin to find some physical roots again.

As I am contemplating what and how I will be offering over the next few months, those of you that have been previous students or clients feel free to share with me what you loved, what you’d like to see again and what you’d like to see more of!

I likely won’t be running fixed location classes but I am contemplating workshops and retreats. Your inspirations and invitations to step up are more helpful than you can possibly know 🙏🏼

Also if you’d like to see specific blogs relating to any of my areas of expertise, being Yoga, Meditation, Spirituality, Holistic Therapies, Working with Crystals, Reiki, Blessings and Natural Magick, or have questions that could be answered in a blog, then please be my Muse and invite me to write!

I’m also open to Poetry prompts…I can’t promise anything will come of them but if you send me a word or two, or a topic that needs clarity, it can be fun to see what appears from the ether!! It’s so much easier to respond to a request from the Universe!

You can invite me through comments on posts or email me at:

It’s actually really liberating to be able to write freely, just for the love of it, with no agenda and no pressure on my writing at this time to attract clients! Enjoy it with me while it lasts!

In the meantime remember to:


Like warm rays of the
Sun…Or cool
Silent Moonbeams

It matters not
How you SHINE…
Only that you do

SHINE Bright…
Like the Brightest Star
Let yourSelf BE seen

This world with
Your BEaUty




©️The Bendy Witch

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