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Keep Hope Alive

Tarot in Rhyme reading for wk 15/2/21 and beyond - Wake up. Keep Hope alive. Don’t pin all your Hopes on a false saviour.
 Eyes closed
 Mouth shut tight
 A turning away
 Denial of a right 
 Not wanting to believe
 That what you see
 Is far from the Truth
 A convenient but false reality
 Ignorance is bliss
 The ignorant say
 Until the ice cracks
 Remove your blinkers today
 With blinkers off
 Worst fears arise
 A hopelessness
 That fills the eyes
 The Star brings Hope
 Don’t let Hope die
 The well within
 Is where the answers lie
 Learn to Trust 
 In Life’s ability
 To renew itself
 And set Hope free
 The Prince has arrived
 With his captivating ways
 He’s convinced you
 That he can save the day
 He represents
 A wish come true
 But he’s a saviour that
 Will leave you blue 
 Heart made of glass
 His seeds he’ll spread
 Amongst false Hope
 You must keep your head
 © The Bendy Witch

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Authors Note: This week the top, middle card (7 of Winter) indicates the general collective energy of the week. The card to the left (The Star) relates the trap or fear contained within the situation and the card to the right (Prince of Summer) relates to the treasure or hope.
A Deeper Exploration...

7 of Winter
7 Numerologically relates to growth in Trust and Acceptance.. In one’s intuition though, not an external authority. I did chuckle when this card came out. Our fairy here is on a “frozen” lake, has her eyes tight shut and her arm outstretched. When in fear there are three responses. Fight, flight and freeze. Frightened people do not make rational decision. People in fear forego all rational judgement, not because they are stupid, but because in a state of fear they can’t access the part of the brain that allows critical thinking. 

Let's just pretend shall we that we aren't being censored, that all our human rights aren't being stripped away or that the majority of us haven't got desperate enough that we are begging for a prick in that outstretched arm in the hope that we can quickly get back to "normal". 

If you want to be a guinea pig, at least be a Golden One. If you actually check out the research to fill in the mis-sing information, you'll find that they had natural protection in the testing. You'll also find out who didn't fair so well... along with all sorts of other wonderful scientific facts from doctors, nurses, and other highly intelligent scientists and professional people from all over the world who are all rather concerned about the current narrative, particularly the validity of a certain test which was not designed for the purpose it's being used. But don't take my word for it. Check it out yourself. 
The Star
I found it interesting that The Star card appeared in the trap/fear position. I’m starting to see even the most positive and bright natured people I know feeling ground down and losing Hope by you know what. In the trap position, not only does The Star warn us to be vigilant at keeping the flame of Hope within us alive, but also warns not to pin our Hopes on false saviours. Notice the fairy in the first card carries Hope in her glass vial as unfrozen, pure water. We must Trust in life’s ability to renew itself. When all Hope appears lost, it is the power that we carry, the power of the human Spirit and the will to choose life that often carries us through the most challenging of trials. False saviours aside, even in the trap position The Star is a portent of Hope.
Prince of Summer
And low and behold in our treasure/hope position we have the false saviour! The Prince of Summer. This card represents the energy of “the player that has convinced even himself that he’s not a player”, which makes him the most dangerous player of all. 
This Prince can represent a person or an organisation that believes whatever they’re selling, whether it be Love or a product or service, is the be all and end all. He/they’ll do all the right things that make you think that they are “The One!” or the one with all the answers. A heart of glass is held aloft, therein lies the problem. It doesn’t take much to shatter a heart of glass, and held so high you can’t see that it’s hollow, has no substance as it's made of lofty ideologies, which will be protected at any cost. 
Notice our Prince's steed is a dandelion clock.. Indicating that whatever he relates to, (whether a whirlwind romance or the promise after promise after promise of freedom from this or that) the Hope will be short lived.
If you get swept off your feet by his rather convincing promises, you will fall into idolatry, whether of   him, the product, or the organisation because you so want them to be your saviour! You want to put your Trust (remember our 7 card) in an outside authority because you have likely been conditioned since your birth to believe that others know better than your own Heart, which I might add is real and human and made of flesh (not glass) and contains the very Spirit that will carry you through.
When all his/their seeds are spent and the glass heart shatters, you will want to blame him/them. The saviour will become the devil and you will have good reason for your own proclamations, but you will have to at some point admit that you sold your Soul to devil because you were afraid to stand up and you didn't listen to your own better judgement.

Is this Prince a curse or a Blessing? There really is no distinction between the two and I shall write about why this is another time. One thing is for sure. He'll reveal to you where you compromise yourself and how easily you give yourself away for the promise of Love or Freedom.
In conclusion
So... To keep your head keep coming back to your Heart. That’s where the Hope is. You know, the one beating in your own chest. Open your eyes. See beyond what is being presented. Own your own choices and let other people own theirs. In case you forgot again already, right now you are being censored. At the bottom of last weeks tarot in rhyme I added a quick and easy Meditation that will help you stay connected to your Heart and your Intuition. Click here to read (and do) it!

Blessed Be 🧚🏼‍♀️✨

P.S. Apologies, last week I posted the wrong picture! It's now been updated so you can see the correct cards for last weeks reading.
The Fairy Tarot – Radleigh Valentine

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