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It’s Time For Compassion

Tarot in Rhyme wk 22/02/21 - Hold your horses! It’s time for Compassion. Be prepared.

The Prince of Autumn
Is never in a hurry
He warns that you
Don’t rush into flurry
He says it’s time to
Make a plan instead
With back up plans for
Unexpected changes ahead
Let Wisdom guide you
Through cautious action
His Illuminated staff brings
Clarity of perception

Through tough trials
This Queen’s become Wise
She knows what’s important
Love shines from her eyes
She asks us to Nurture
The world and each other
To connect through our Hearts
And take care of Earth Mother
She wants you to trust
In your own intuition
To treat those around you
With care and Compassion

Have Patience, don’t worry
With this card lucky seven
You can’t do as you thought (yet)
But you can pray to Heaven
Use this time wisely to
Envision your harvest
Don’t waste precious time
Imagining what’s hardest
Yes worry may test you
So try to stay Present
Remember Queens Wisdom
Don’t get stuck in resentment

©The Bendy Witch

Authors note: This weeks cards are using the stepping stones spread and read from left to right. The 1st card - Prince of Autumn, is where we are standing and what’s in the forefront of our mind. The 2nd card - Queen of Summer, is the next step, or action we need to take. The 3rd card - Seven of Autumn is where we’ll likely end up if we follow card 2.

A Deeper Exploration…

Prince of Autumn
Okay, okay, I know there are no horses but the mind can sometimes run away like a wild horse and this reading warns about the restlessness of being forced to wait for a “harvest” that can’t come quick enough. How you choose to use your mind and your time in these coming weeks will determine whether or not you get back on the same old horse, meaning the “normal” everyones crying out for which, for many looks like manic busyness! Cos’ if we’re busy we are decent human beings right? We currently have the opportunity to take stock and reevaluate what is important to us. Be careful of the rush back into the “same old” patterns, but also be careful not to overthink or the Universe may need to give you a nudge to get going. The Prince of Autumn is very kind. He says be kind to yourSelf and others.

Queen of Summer
This here Queen represents the carers, the intuitives, and all those unseen qualities that hold no monetary value and the Wisdom that most do not heed. Her trap is that she over gives, but she does so willingly. Her treasure is reflected in the sunflowers blossoming all around her. Her warmth and care bring growth and her Wisdom is a healing balm for the Soul. She is Creative and truly wise from her own experience.

The world is not quite moving yet. This Queen has an invitation for you.. Before things get going, you might want to be really clear on what’s important to you and what’s not. Ask yourSelf do you really want to get back to, “normal”? She suggests you look very carefully at what you would like your new “normal” to look like and she would like to request that your normal includes some of her qualities. She asks that you weed out all those ridiculous beliefs you might have that you need this or you need to do that to be worthy. You exist. You are worthy. She says know it! Without needing to seek evidence from the outside…

Seven of Autumn
This card represents waiting for a Harvest. In this case, we would do well to marry the Summer Queen’s Wisdom and the Autumn Prince’s Intelligence to help our harvest mature without blight. There is always the risk, in these sorts of situations, of polarising into hedonistic over indulgence when the harvest finally arrives or getting so stuck in worry and resentment that we don’t even realise when its there for the taking.

It brings us back to card 1.. How are you going to use you mind and imagination while you wait. Let Patience and Wisdom be the fertiliser that ensures, when the time is ripe for picking, you are fully Present, prepared and able to enjoy, Appreciate and share the harvest. It may not seem visible. Remember.. don’t undervalue our Queen. If it is Wisdom you have been harvesting this past year then that is the greatest harvest of all.

In Conclusion
You have had no choice but to grow through this past year. Your field of influence may still be very small right Now but give each moment and those you are connected to your very best. Let Nature ground any racing thoughts and do your best to let this moment be enough. You might find that you don’t actually need all the things your mind is hankering for, maybe all you need is some Love. Maybe you are Love. Maybe you can reach out, call that person, let someone know you care. Maybe you need to give yourSelf a pat on the back for making it through this far.

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Blessed Be 🧚🏼‍♀️✨
The Fairy Tarot – Radleigh Valentine

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