The Dive

I fall from the sky
Your hurricane
Blew me off my fluffy cloud

I hit the sea hard
As I sink
Sharks circle
Attracted by my fear

Heart pounding
Water in my lungs
I cannot scream

I hurtle, blinded
By the darkness
My head explodes
Struggle turns to surrender

The ocean floor is hard
My heart cries
Another ocean

As I let go
Into the void
I AM weightless
Floating gently upwards

Rays of sun
Glimmer hope
As I watch the dance
Angelic opera of dark and light

Ah…the dark
A shadow of the past
Haunts my Soul

I am dark
Back to the depths…

Dolphin comes
She catches me
Her wordless song
Soothes my heart

I AM nudged
Back to the surface

Grateful for air
I AM alive!
The sun kisses my face

The sky cloudless

I AM Light
Floating in a sea of Love
As I remember
I AM never alone

I allow myself
To bathe
In this remembrance

Then swim
In search
Of more solid ground

© Raye – The Bendy Witch

Someone asked me the other day if I had written a poem about depression. This is a slightly adapted version to the original. I struggled with depression on and off for many years and wrote this poem a fair few years ago at a time when I had already begun to have an awareness of Grace/Love…I had started to meditate, been practising Yoga and doing some “The Journey” work. I was beginning to realise that if I didn’t attach to my thoughts and fully felt my emotions, I could move through the depression very quickly. The experience of it became fluid and less like quicksand! If you are struggling with depression then please try mindfulness or meditation. It is an ongoing practice, not a quick fix pill, but it keeps you real, allows you to heal and brings you out of the past and very much into the present, which is the only place you from which you can instigate change 🙂

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