Adam and Junko’s Wedding Blessing

Adam and Junko
May your marriage be Blessed
May you always see
In each other the best
May you always remember
That only Love matters
Through these eyes Love will
Never end up in tatters
May you always be true
To yourselves and your other
Be the husband, the wife
But always the Lovers
Let Love lead the way
And you will never need
Nurture Love in yourselves
For it will nourish and feed
Your union forever more
Even on days when life
Makes you feel sore
So Be your beautiful selves
Whatever the weather
Know any clouds will pass
Remain light as a feather
Trust in yourselves
And in your Love
The hand of fate
In the perfect glove
May we all share
In Love’s glory
May we be inspired
By your Love’s unfolding story
So that we too may choose
To Be and Live as

© Raye – The Bendy Witch

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