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Come To Me

Come to me
Blindfolded, naked
Battered Heart 
Hanging from chest
With every sin 
Tattooed on your
Quivering body

Come to me
With weapons
If you must 
But know here
They will not 
Protect you
From your deepest 
Fears of intimacy

Come to me
Here and Now
Bearing no gifts
Only your Presence 
Warrior let my Love
Be the balm
That soothes your
Aching Soul

Come to me
Willing to drown 
In Love’s ocean
Let Her dissolve
All your fears 
Into Bliss  
Revealing a life 
Lived In Ecstasy 

Come to me 
In the Silence
Beyond words
Where the only 
Sound is our Hearts
Beating together
In anticipation of
Divine Union

© The Bendy Witch 

Ah the quest for Sacred Union. I posted a visual form of this poem on Instagram on Valentines then completely forgot to post it here! I started this one in 2018 and only finished it this year. Some poems take a while to download. Sometimes there is something I need to see (or learn, lol) before they are finished. Sometimes it's down to Divine timing.

This appears to be one of those multi-dimensional poems. It’s as much about how we must all enter into relationship with the Divine as it is about the quest for a very human Sacred Relationship with ones Syzygy. Seeking Unity you best be prepared to hide nothing, for in the merging there is an alchemy, a Sacred fire, that burns up that which was never You the first place. You will be forever changed. You can count on that.

Many of us make a complete hash of attempts at Sacred Relationships due to the inability to allow this alchemy to occur as we try to cling onto who we think we are. It is not about losing oneSelf in the other though, quite the contrary. The quest through Sacred Union is to become more You, for the relationship to strengthen and bring out the best in both.

May all those seeking Sacred Union find their willing other. 

Blessed Be. 

Ps.. I couldn’t resist adding this meme on the end 🤣

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