The Shadow is Not the Night…

I was listening to an album the other day, Spiritual War and the song of the same name by Fertile Ground.

“Light will overcome the darkness, the Universal law has taught this, infinite Peace, infinite Bliss, infinite Light will prevail”.

It sparked my Muse and the need to bring some Clarity on an important distinction that I notice a lot of peeps get stuck on…

Everyone needs to remember that the darkness we seek to be free of is the shadow of the ego. It is not Nature or the darkness of Night. Shadow is a concoction, a distortion of Mind that only each of us individually can choose to surrender to the light within us. This is why bitching about other people’s behaviour and the world is not helpful in the slightest…Meaning don’t get lost in, “The world would be a better place if he/she….”, fill in the dots. It may appear a very true statement and I’m hearing it a lot lately. Can you see though how this might add more substance to the veil of shadow? This is not about denying your feelings, they are, after all signposts that encourage action. This is about taking in-spired action.

Shadow forms in the Astral plane. It only comes into this world because we allow it. We allow it when we grab onto thoughts, ideas and beliefs and mistake them for the Truth. When we do this we miss the point (interestingly that is the root meaning of the word Sin!), the part of us that’s bitching and feeling victimised by society is the same shadow we are judging. It would have us believe that power is external and not within us. It’s going to happen, depend on it, but see it for what it is.

Learn to recognise the Truth, that arises from pure intuition. Let the Light within cast out the shadows so you are no longer afraid of the darkness and deep mysteries of your Soul. BEcOMe vigilant in recognising your Soul’s Silent voice of knowing, act on that not your shadow, then you will manifest Wisdom, your Soul in action, into this world. Practice this and you BEcOMe a Spiritual Warrior, leading the way with your own Integrity. Always remember any fighting first occurs on the inside. You can make it a struggle…or effortless… like the Master of Tai Chi, constantly moving, aligning and adapting to the Universal Flow.

Most of what you consider as your thoughts have absolutely nothing to do with You, your Soul, and everything to do with your shadow.

Einstein said, “There’s only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

I choose the latter. And when I notice I’ve slipped to the other…I choose again and I celebrate the return. If I slip into self violence of, “I should do better”, “I shouldn’t drift ever” thoughts, which inevitably arise, as soon as I see them I choose again. It’s a dance…like the waltz…a little fowards…sideways…backwards…but the whole dance is BEaUtiful. One thing is for sure and that is only I can be responsible for my own perception…

We can’t force another to change, but we don’t have hang around in their shadow either if they refuse to see it. What we can do is focus again on the Miracle. What we can do is be honest, be authentic, then make the choice to birth what we want to see in this world in our own experience, in this moment, for there is truly no other.

Sometimes we need to go through being a grumpy bastard to get clear on what it is that we are wanting to change and why. But if you are stuck in grumpyness the shadow is most certainly in play. Remember, the only thing we are really in control of is our perception and where we choose to place our attention. Many things in this world are unjust because the concocted shadow currently rules and I’m not implying that no action is needed, in fact the opposite. Action is often needed but is so much more powerful and effective if it originates from the intuition, from Source, through the Heart, not the through the shadow.

Please, please, please, know deep in your Heart that you have immense power within you to affect change, but it comes not from forcing the outside to bend to the shadow of your will. It comes from surrendering the shadow when you see it, in turning stubbornness into the willingness to see more than meets the human eyes and believing that every man and woman is so much more than their shadow. Whether they see it or not is again none of your business.

It is their job and theirs alone to learn to surrender their own shadow, to allow it in every moment to dissolve back into the Oneness from which it came, before it got distorted. It is your job, and your job alone to become sovereign of your own inner Kingdom.

This is the Silent Revolution. This is how you claim back your true Power. This is how you create change.

©The Bendy Witch

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