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If It’s Real…

Be :
Love is all just words
Until it becomes action
Be Love don’t prove it

Truth :
Love is all just words
When shared no proof is needed
Actions reveal Truth

Feel :
Love is all just words
Truth is how you really feel
Don’t edit to please 

Real :
Love is all just words
Only raging Fire reveals 
If those words were real

Give :
Love is all just words
Until you give your body
To Loves Sacred Fire 

Love :
Love is all just words
Time forges into Ocean
Fire becomes Water

Time :
Love is all just words
If it’s real it will never
Be over… Time tells

© The Bendy Witch

This series of Haikus was inspired by the following meme and my current emotional weather! Poets know how easy words can roll off the tongue, but whether those words have integrity is another story that is only revealed over time.

There’s a second shorter poem hidden in the headings 😉..

I see clearly that what I want from the “Other” is something I most definitely still need to be aware of in mySelf. And it’s to keep coming back to all of the above. To BEing Love, which includes being honest, being real, being messy, imperfect, uncomfortable, as I See, own and welcome all the not Self expressions of fear that arises in me in the face of Love; being willing to keep offering it all up and willingly stepping into Love’s Sacred Fire to burn it all up.

I know my most important relationship is with mySelf. I know I have to Trust without doubt that the Divine energy that flows through me Loves me. And yet why would I not want to share the Beauty I See in this life with another? Why would I not want someone to remind me, or to be able to remind the Other, of our Beauty when we forget?

I want to understand Love through experiencing the Nature of relating in the context of Being Love. My mind can concoct all sorts ideas and feelings of what it thinks Love is. All fleeting. The mind is not a reliable driver of Loves chariot. Relationships have always appeared as a riddle to be solved and the answer to that riddle always appears to me to be the Willingness to Nurture the relationship and understand each others needs.

My template of healthy relationships is non existent. As a child I had not one example of what that looked like. I swore I would never be like my Mother whom had multiple relationship disasters as I was growing up. My vow was futile and in fact caused much unnecessary suffering. This desire for a healthy relationship at all cost led me to stay in unhealthy relationships for longer than I should have and self destruct the ones, through a lack of self worth, that maybe had the potential of being healthy.

We have to dig out these vows and contracts we bind ourSelves with, that are hiding deep in our subconscious. We have to enter the darkness and face the demons to which we give birth. The convoluted creations of the not Self mind, ultimately draw us into the polarity of what we reject. If we become that which we swore we would never be, we get stuck in stale mate because now not only do we have to Forgive the unforgivable Other, but also ourSelves.

The only way to be Free is to null and void any contracts we made in error, by the not Self, by acknowledging they are not serving us Now. We need to feel the shame Now. To be Willing to Forgive as we transform our vow into Compassion for ourSelves and also those whom we have unconsciously shamed. We can do all of this through Shamanic Journeying.

The avoidance of feeling shame, hiding it and projecting it, is one of the most detrimental things we can do to ourSelves as humans. This is such an act of Self violence that corrodes our well-being, self destructs our relationships and stops us from experiencing the Joyous energy of our Soul that is Now flowing through us.

I encourage you to be Brave. I encourage you to Feel. I know your SOUL is bigger than any emotion you can feel ever. I hope one day you will Know yourSelf in this way too, and when you do you will never have to be afraid of shame or any other demon ever again.

Blessing all who read this in a Love that is reliable, honest, steady and real, even amidst the storms (if that is something you desire to experience). May you know yourSelf as Love. May you be free of shame, guilt and all other manner of mind made demons that are getting in the way of you experiencing yourSelf as Love and may you remember that your significant Other is also Love (yes even when they are being a complete nob head)!

Blessed Be


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