Silent Still Space

Without Silence There is no sound Without Stillness There is no movement Without Space There is no form... Silent Still Space is The body of Grace When all judgement ceases There are no longer pieces Only Peace remains... Grace is Your Holy Spirit The Light that is Your right to claim And you can read… Continue reading Silent Still Space

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Are You Limiting Your Experience By Your Own Definition?

Lately my attention has been alerted to the power we give to words and how we let our own definitions affect our experience for better or worse! I am reminded of a poem, "God & Cheese" I wrote a while ago, so thought I would repost it. Real and meaningful conversations are based on listening… Continue reading Are You Limiting Your Experience By Your Own Definition?

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When you realise you have been stuck in the past...Don't l👀k back. That small flicker of recognition is the keyhole to the door that leads you back to NOW. Fortunately you already have the key...Your Attention. Don't worry about what you didn't do...Or didn't say...Or how you will do things differently next time... Simply place… Continue reading DON’T L👀K BACK