Is your life an effortless flow of Grace, or are you getting in your own way?

In my Yoga classes this week we are exploring transformation and change. As we learn to let go of that which we are not, and allow the process of change by remaining innocent and curious, our true colours get a chance to shine. Sometimes we block our own progress by focusing on limiting beliefs that… Continue reading Is your life an effortless flow of Grace, or are you getting in your own way?


Moving Into Stillness

Awakening With every stretch From the sleep of self The muddy waters Of my mind Begin to settle A glimpse Of inner Peace Relief, calm With each inhalation Reaching With each exhalation Surrendering Moving deeper Playing the edge Waiting For the internal signal To ease Gently further Into the stillness Breathe, focus Be dynamic Without… Continue reading Moving Into Stillness


IN-NIT (IN Nothingness’s Infinite Truth)

In your eyes I see her smile In your smile I see her Joy In your Joy I AM held In the arms of loving Grace In your presence I AM here In this moment remembered In Love...resting In Peace In Contentment In this silent, still place I AM Inspired by my hearts highest hope… Continue reading IN-NIT (IN Nothingness’s Infinite Truth)

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The Wood Pigeon Waltz

Two little wood pigeons Sitting on the roof One all playful The other aloof "Come dance with me", says one "No" says the other, "I'm very shy" "But it's fun", he says "Don't be afraid It's really worth a try You don't have to worry I'll show you how it's done Just let your Joy… Continue reading The Wood Pigeon Waltz